Koalas in Popular Culture

Koalas in Popular Culture

How Koalas influenced Popular Culture?

The Koala is well loved by people all over the world. Their unique look which gives the image of being cuddly as well as highly intelligent is used by governments, businesses, and individuals. It isn’t uncommon to find them on many things that represent Australia either due to that being where they are found in the wild.

There are plenty of sports teams on various levels that chose the Koala as their mascot. Several of these sports teams are involved with rugby due to the fact that it is one of the top sports in all of Australia.

Another line of commercials featuring the Koala is for Little Debbie snacks. These commercials including a talking Koala that is in a fire suit and getting ready to go into a race car. The commercials are funny and also include some of the best drivers in history such as Marcos Ambrose from Canada.

There are a couple of great video games out there that have Koalas as characters in them. Children seem to really like to play them and the image of the Koala. The most popular video game that fits this description is called Koala Lumpur Journey to the Edge. It is a game that you can play on your personal computer too.

Children also love Blinky Bill and he has many forms that he takes on. Children can see him in books, on DVD’s, on TV shows, with various toys that are offered, and in coloring books. There are also some games with Blinky Bill that they can spend hours and hours playing.

There are different college newspapers out there that are called the Koala or that use this animal as part of their image logo. The one most people have heard of is the University of California at San Diego. This collage newspaper is simply known as The Koala.

Stuffed animals of various sizes seem to be great comfort items for children. The Koala is one of them that seems to get lots of attention. There are even some that have the pouch with a young Koala in it. Another scenario is a mother Koala with a youngster riding on her back.

It is recorded in history that during the Vietnam War the Australian soldiers were often called the Koala Soldiers. This is because they weren’t to be killed or exported for any reason.

There are many great items to decorate a child’s nursery with that have the Koala on them. Parents love the idea of something so cute and adorable for this part of their newborns life. They can also use this type of theme for either sex. That makes buying and preparing early very simple too if they want the gender of the baby to be a surprise.

In Australia you can get a type of chocolate called Caramello Koalas. They have a smooth milk chocolate outside with creamy caramel inside. They are delicious and you will find them offered in many different places throughout Australia.

The fact that so many Koalas are featured in a zoo setting means that they are also used for their various forms of advertising. People love to be able to know that this particular animal will be on display when they go to that zoo. Since many conservation groups want to get the message out about the help these animals need, they too are introducing lots of items with the Koala on them. They include hats, mugs, and shirts.